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1. How can Affordable Sheds offer such competitive prices?

Affordable Sheds have built strong partnerships with some of the industries leading suppliers and manufacturers over the last 25 years and have combined specially engineered product designs with a leading edge supply system to keep costs low and convenience high. Most products are produced in a range of standard models, which ensures the speed and value of supply can be maintained.

2. Can I customise my shed, carport or garage?

Every Affordable shed, garage or carport comes in a standard model; however there are some optional extras available for those customers who wish to customise their purchase. Some of the standard options include choosing a shed size, style of roofing, colour and footing connection, while additional extras include roller door span upgrades, Colorbond roof upgrades, windows, side doors, gutter and roofing options.

3. Does selecting optional extras increase the cost of my shed, garage or carport?

Affordable sheds, garages and carports are competitively priced because they are produced in a standard range of models. There are options for those customers who wish to customise their purchase; however there will be additional charges involved, which is normal throughout the industry and in most other commercial markets.

Even with the addition of optional extras Affordable Sheds are still priced on a level playing field with other low-budget shed suppliers.

4. What is cold roll-formed steel?

Cold roll-formed steel has undergone a special process which increases the strength, rigidity and durability of the steel used for all Affordable sheds, garages and carports – one of the reasons why Affordable products outlast other budget sheds by up to five times.

5. What is the difference between bolt and screw fixing?

All Affordable products have internal frames which are fully bolted, compared to other budget sheds which only use screw fixing. By using bolts to secure the fittings Affordable sheds, garages and carports are stronger and more reliable, which contributes to how they meet the stringent wind code cyclone standards.

6. What are apex and knee plates?

Apex and knee plates are bolted fixings attached to the joints of the internal frames. These plates add additional strength to the joints and ensure Affordable Sheds will withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy usage.

7. What is a ‘span’ and a ‘bay’?

Span is the term used to describe the width of a shed, garage or carport, and bay is the term used to describe the length.

8. Can I order a different size shed to the dimensions displayed?

Affordable Sheds maintains such competitive pricing by supplying a range of standard size products. If you need a shed, garage or carport in a customised size, not displayed on the website, please contact your nearest reseller for more details.

9. What wind codes do the sheds comply with?

Affordable Sheds products are built specifically to withstand extreme weather conditions and have engineered each shed, garage and carport to meet all Australian wind/snow load codes

10. What is the difference between Skillion and Gable carport roofs?

Essentially a skillion roof is flat, while a gable roof is pitched on an angle – similar to a normal house roof. There are a number of different reasons while some people prefer a gable roof: for aesthetic purposes – they can blend in with the adjoining residential property; the standard roof infill can be customised to suit the environment or property and the pitched roof encourages airflow which makes the carport cooler.

11. Do I have to assemble by Affordable Sheds product?

Affordable sheds, garages and carports are manufactured for self-assembly by the customers. Each product comes with a comprehensive instruction manual and troubleshooting guide. It’s also possible for customers to hire an accredited professional to assemble to the building.

12.  What kind of warranty comes with my shed, carport or garage?

Every Affordable Sheds product comes standard with a 15 year structural warranty, in addition to all relevant manufacturers’ warranties passed on by Affordable Sheds to the buyer. The manufacturer’s warranties include a 15 year floor/wall warranty against corrosion and 12 year floor/wall warranty against peeling.

13.  What colour options do I have?

You can select the colour of your walls, roof and columns. Affordable Sheds uses the full range of Bluescope Steel and Colorbond colours.

14.  Are Affordable sheds easy to maintain?

Affordable Sheds products are extremely easy to clean and maintain. They do not require any special service or maintenance other than standard cleaning to the satisfaction of each individual owner. All products are built to withstand extreme weather conditions.

15.  How can I order and pay for my Affordable shed, carport or garage?

You can order easily online or by phone and fax and pay by credit card. Contact your nearest reseller click here.

16.  Is there a local supplier or customer service representative I can talk to?

Affordable Sheds operates with a number of accredited resellers throughout Australia and New Zealand. For a full list of dealers click here or visit our contact page to request further information.

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